Certified Document Destruction

When destroying your unneeded documents, it is important to have some sort of certification proving your compliance with Australia’s privacy laws as well as evidence of your company’s adherence to the protection of data. That’s where iShred comes in with our Certified Document Destruction services.

For your peace of mind and assurances, after we have completed our destruction service, we always provide you with a certification outlining our qualifications and what we have done for your company.

Collecting these will show your company to be diligent in the face of privacy matters, and when pressed by customers on the integrity of your data handling policies, our certificate provides the ultimate proof that their information is safe with your company. This peace of mind and security is extremely valuable for both you and your customers.


Certified Document Destruction

Our service is one of the few with a complete chain of security throughout the entire destruction process. We can come to you on site with our industrial strength shredders and perform all your destruction there and then. We then ensure that the waste paper, which is finely shredded and mixed up to a level whereby it is completely unusable, is securely transported to a recycling facility.

Our service is also tailored to your needs. We understand that different companies create different waste. Instead of applying a standard inflexible destruction service to all clients, as many of our competitors are apt to do, we will work with you to design a personalised service that suits all your needs.

iShred can come to you on a regular basis or for just a one-off appointment. Our certificates are, of course, dated, allowing you to demonstrate the frequency of your compliance. During our consultation with you, we can recommend and set up what we believe to be an appropriate frequency based on the size and scale of your operation and the amount of data and documents collected.

Call iShred for more information on how we can help protect your company through our certified document destruction today!