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expired files destruction

When the State Manager of Nuss Removals, Ray Beard, first contacted iShred, he was just starting to undertake a ‘clean up’ of expired files. Nuss Removals are a member of AMG (Australian Movers Group), who provide relocation and storage services in the metropolitan, rural, interstate and overseas markets.


After conducting a thorough check of all the files, iShred attended and securely destroyed just over one hundred cartons of expired files in just over 1 hour. Our secure document shredding service was a success, and all the expired files where done and dusted.


As he viewed the shredding process on our CCTV system, Ray commented that he was completely satisfied that all the files had been destroyed on site and that there was no risk of Nuss’s clients’ information falling into the wrong hands.


This is a main reason we believe you should regularly clear out expired files and business-related information. Client protection and trust is a key in a successful business, and making sure your business complies with privacy and data protection is a secure way to maintaining those values.


Our secure document shredding service here at iShred is here to ensure you can comply with policies by offering many features including: on-site shredding for ease and security, CCTV system, secure bins, archive storage and destruction of other types of information storage (visit our services page for more information).

Expired Files Destruction from iShred

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