The Importance of Document Destruction and Paper Shredding Services

Many have shifted to digital means of storage while others still rely on hard copies. Regardless of where the data is stored, when this information becomes outdated, it needs to be disposed of professionally by securely destroying it.

Paper Shredding Services, whose sole purpose is to destroy data and prevent anyone from misusing the information are becoming increasingly popular as a means of achieving this. The use of Paper Shredding Services is an important safeguard against the theft of intellectual property and the protection of sensitive data. Every business collects sensitive information such as credit card details, addresses, phone numbers, and payroll records. Throwing the data away in a normal bin can expose the organization to great risk. If competitors, the media or the public acquire this information due to improper disposal methods, the company may be liable for breaching compliance regulations and privacy laws. It may also provide an unwanted advantage to rival organizations.

Even the simplest bit of information such as a phone number or address can be used for devious purposes by thieves. Whether they are clients or employees, keeping confidential data safe by disposing of it properly is essential to a business’ reputation. Identity theft is on the rise and a business with a reputation for poor security is unlikely to survive for long if clients and employees can’t trust the organization to keep them safe.

At iShred, we dispose of forms of media like hard drives, tapes and even uniforms, reducing them to unreadable mounds. We can offer tailored solutions for the business such as mobile shredding services and CCTV for added peace of mind. Shredding the documents can also be more environmentally friendly than just discarding them in a normal bin. We strive to make sure that the impact on the environment is limited and that the refuse produced by the shredding process is recycled.

Paper Shredding Services are an essential part of keeping a workplace safe from data breaches and protecting the clients, employees and the business from those who misuse sensitive data.

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