Easy Apps that can be Used to Store Receipts

To effectively manage your personal or business expenditure, you need to know about the best apps that can be used to store receipts.

The trend for storing and managing data online is growing and this applies to tracking business and personal spending. Utilising apps that can be used to store receipts makes it so much easier to automate this.

While there are loads of apps that can be used to store receipts, there are a few standouts for security and ease of use. For day to day receipt tracking there are a number of free apps that will do the job.

Foreceipt Receipt Manager and Receipts Plus are free apps that help keep track of receipts and expenditure. Both let you scan not only receipts but also bills. They calculate expenses, store receipts and remind you when payment is due. Perfect if you live a busy life and need to keep on top of in-comings and out-goings. 

IQ Boxy does all of the above as well as having the technology to convert pictures to text. This means there is no need to enter a value as the app can decode this information from the photograph of the receipt, making it super easy to use.  It’s also compatible with your Apple watch.

Apps that can be used to store receipts

If you are running a business and need a higher-level application, Expensify will have you covered. It’s been featured in numerous business publications including the Wall Street Journal which reports that “Expensify is like a virtual accountant”. This app streamlines expense management by categorising receipts, submitting business expenses, collating expense reports and automating reimbursement. It’s makes great business sense and will make tax time a breeze.

The benefits of apps that can be used to store receipts go beyond the convenience aspect.  It’s a safer, more secure way of managing and recording expenditure. Data can be stored, sorted and accessed easily and reduces the pesky paper trail.

Once you have your app up and running, it’s time to get rid of the pesky paper receipts that are always hanging around.  You can do this in one fell swoop, and be assured that they are dealt with securely, by enlisting the help of a secure document destruction company. 

iShred are industry leaders in this field, and will not only destroy your documents quickly and safely, but also have good environmentally-friendly practices.  All of your receipts and documents are recycled, and you receive a certificate after the work is complete to confirm that it has been done securely.

Contact iShred today to find out how you can rid your home or office of paper receipts for good!

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