Secure Document Bins

Our iShred Secure Document Bins are the perfect answer to all of your secure shredding needs.

We work out suitable pickup times and frequency tailored to your needs and provide the highest quality Fully Secured Document Bins.

Available in 2 sizes
-140ltr & 240ltr

Our Secure document Bins provide:

  • Secure protection for all your sensitive, confidential documents
  • Conveniently placed anywhere within your office; easily moved as they have wheels
  • A self-closing lock to ensure documents remain safe and secure at all times
  • DELIVERED to your door & SHREDDED at your door
  • Full certification of destruction provided
  • Full compliance with Australian Standards and Regulations
Secure Document Bins

Technical Specifications
140 LTR (900mm H, 620mm D, 550mm W)
240 LTR (1060mm H, 720mm D, 580mm W)

Our friendly and professional staff are available to answer any and all questions you may have. Feel free to check out some of our most frequently asked questions and answers here or alternatively you can contact us directly here.

Melbourne Document Disposal

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Document shredding

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