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Why is Document Disposal Important for Your Business?

Every business keeps records of their staff and client’s personal data, from bank details to home addresses and phone numbers, regardless of what it is, keeping these documents for long periods of time can be risky and messy. Laws and regulations exist that are designed to ensure that every business protects their customers, employees and anyone whose data they have in their possession, which is why proper document disposal should be every businesses top priority.

A general rule of thumb for document disposal is to destroy anything older than three years and anything that has sensitive information like an address, bank details, name, license plate; bank statements, stock reports, ATM receipts or anything with information about finances, such as account information and BSBs.

Document disposal can free up much-needed space and increase productivity because staff won’t have to sort through mountains of old records. Getting rid of old waste will prevent vermin from nesting in it and also decrease the chances of theft. Most shredding companies will use environmentally friendly methods of destruction ensuring the documents are properly recycled as is the case with Ishred.

Improper document disposal can expose an organisation to unnecessary risks; if competitors, the media or the public acquire this information due to improper disposal methods, the company may be liable for breaching compliance regulations and privacy laws. It may also provide an unwanted advantage to rival organisations.

Ishred provide a cost-effective, secure method of document destruction. Their solutions are aimed at minimising the risk of a data breach and sensitive information getting into unsafe hands. There is no real deterrent to prevent thieves from looking through garbage bins because our society’s laws haven’t caught up to preventing digital crimes like identity theft. Containers on the footpath are open game and literally anyone can search through them without consequences.

Document disposal protects both the business and its clients from identity theft and all the legal implications that can follow, while also clearing space and clutter form an office.

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