Residential Shredding Services Melbourne

iShred can help you keep organised and protect your identity at home

Let the document destruction experts at iShred help you at home and also to assist against data and identity theft with our Residential Shredding Services Melbourne.

At iShred, we offer convenient options so you can securely and safely destroy documents without interfering with your life. From regularly schedule services, to our community shred days, iShred has a shredding solution for your home.



Take a look at our Archive Boxes to store papers and documents that you still need to hold on to. They keep your files, discs and notes tidy and orderly, our archive boxes are also durable and long lasting.

iShred’s Secure Document Bins are great for those who need a regular shredding service. Available in 2 sizes, we deliver the bin to your door and shred it at your location. Our secured bins is fitted with a self closing lock to ensure that your documents remain safe.

We also hold regular Community Shred Days for your home shredding needs. Held on a Saturday, pop on down with any documents that you need destroyed. For updated dates, take a look here.

Once your documents have been destroyed by iShred, you are presented with certification of destruction, ensuring you have completely complied with your legal responsibilities and also gives you the peace of mind that the items can’t fall into the wrong hands.

iShred’s Residential Shredding Services Melbourne is convenient, certified and final.

Having a regular shredding service through iShred keeps your house organised and any sensitive documents away from prying eyes.

For more information about iShred’s Residential Shredding Services Melbourne, contact us on 1300 763 688 today.

iShred - Residential Document Shredding Melbourne

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