On Site Document Destruction

iShred are specialists in providing an On Site document and electronic data destruction service that is convenient and comes to you

Our On Site document destruction service allows all businesses to comply with all current Australian legislation and regulations to ensure that the client, employee and confidential business information is kept secure at all times.
iShred’s range of On Site document destruction services are designed to assist every type of business – large or small – with guaranteed document security services that take the worry out of your document destruction needs.

iShred’s specialised vehicles, which are equipped with full state of the art shredding equipment, will attend your place of business to securely and effectively destroy your documents. You can view the entire process taking place through our fitted CCTV system giving you peace of mind that your at-risk documents have been destroyed correctly.


You are then also presented with certification of the document destruction, ensuring you have completely complied with your legal responsibilities.

iShred’s On Site Document Shredding is instant, confirmed and finalised.

Document destruction relieves you and your employees of the tedious job of using the tiny shredding machine in your office that are often ineffective in completely destroying your documents. Leaving time for your business and important day to day duties – let iShred take care of the secure document destruction for you.

For more information about iShred’s On Site Document Destruction Services, contact us on 1300 763 688 today.

on site document destruction

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