Working with iShred

Our business is designed to assist your business in complying with the latest legislation, without interfering with your core business practices and operation. Our Customer Service Representatives can tailor our services to your individual needs. Whether you need us to provide a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly collection, we can accommodate. A once off clean up prior to the business relocation? Clearing the storage unit of expired marketing materials? The Social or Sporting Club records or just whenever needed we can come to you and help.

Allow iShred to provide a custom cost-effective solution for you. Our representatives are trained to visit your site, assess your needs and eliminate the worry of shredding paper and compliance with Australian regulations and standards. Document destruction is our business and we are the best at it.

Why Use an On Site Shredding Service?

There are a multitude of logical reasons to utilise On Site shredding compared with your current method of destruction. You’ve probably seen the horror stories on social media, in the news, and probably heard a couple of industry stories to boot. Things like identity theft and companies paying millions in damages for customer information falling into the wrong hands are commonplace. You might even have wondered whether that could happen to your business.

On Site document shredding is instant, confirmed, and finalised, no ifs, ands or buts… it’s done. Finished.

If you wish, you can watch the entire process through our fitted CCTV system. A unique and oddly satisfying experience.

Other Considerations

  • Cost of small shredding machines
  • Capacity of the machine
  • Cost of labour spent shredding
  • Is it shredded correctly (can the info be pieced back together)
  • How do you dispose of the shredded material

Allow us to resolve that doubt in your mind. We make the task risk free, cost-effective and compliant. We offer a Certificate of Destruction for each shredding appointment, which provide you with a legal audit trail for sensitive information.

Our objective is to make it easier for you to securely destroy outdated or surplus forms and documents. Please see our About page for a list of what should be securely destroyed before it is discarded.

We will help you identify the challenges with regards to the custody and disposal of your confidential information. We come to you On Site and make recommendations that will improve your general document disposal security policies as well as making sure you comply with current Australian standards. We provide the solutions to suit your needs. Contact us today for a quote.