Onsite Mobile Shredding Services

Onsite Mobile Shredding Services

Properly disposing of your personal and confidential documents is crucial in keeping your information safe. iShred’s onsite mobile shredding services can help you with this tedious yet important task.

Onsite mobile shredding services are extremely convenient and efficient. These services leave you more time to focus on the things that you’re good at, and relieve you the hassle of messing around with manual paper shredders that often tend to jam up.

Papers and important documents tend to pile up quickly, and it may seem as though you are endlessly needing to shred them. Our onsite mobile shredding services can come to your place of work periodically to assist you in controlling the overflow of papers. With iShred, we can bring our cost-effective services to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These services can also be provided on a need basis if your shredding activity isn’t regular.

Onsite Mobile Shredding Services

If you are in need of regular paper shredding services, iShred can leave storage bins, archive boxes and stylish cabinets to store documents and keep them organised between each visit. The onsite bins will be left behind for added security.

If onsite document destruction isn’t an option that you are looking for, offsite services can be provided as well. We offer regular Community Shred Days in which you can bring your unneeded document to our location, and watch as we securely destroy your documents.

iShred is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), which means we comply with all data protection laws and our employees are trained and accredited. All paper shredding activity – onsite and offsite – is completely monitored and secure, so that your private information remains confidential. Utilising these services will make certain that you and your workplace comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions.

At the end of the paper shredding service, a document destruction certificate is given as legal evidence that each document has entirely been disposed of properly. All paper that is shredded will be 100% recycled, ensuring there is no waste.

iShred provides high-quality and professional onsite and offsite document destruction. Contact us to learn more about our convenient services for your home or business.

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