What is Melbourne Document Destruction?

melbourne document destruction

What is Melbourne Document Destruction?

Every business regardless of its size or chosen trade collects and stores personal data, whether it’s their clients or staff. There are Laws and regulations designed to ensure that every business is required to protect their customers, employees and anyone whose data they have in their possession. When information becomes obsolete and needs to be disposed of, Melbourne Document Destruction services ensure that all personal data is destroyed correctly.

iShred provide Melbourne Document destruction services that are both cost-effective and secure method of document destruction. Their solutions are aimed at minimising the risk of a data breach and sensitive information getting into unsafe hands. It was only a few months ago that Facebook was revealed to be selling peoples data for profit and the company’s stock took a significant plunge in response. Aside from the monetary loss, Facebook lost a lot of goodwill in the process, and as a result, was forced to try and earn back trust with apology ads and general promises that they won’t do it again.

What all businesses can learn from this is that people take their data security seriously, a company that can’t protect their clients and staffs data is unlikely to survive for long. Facebook took a severe hit, and it’s one of the biggest companies in the world, imagine what the implications would be for a smaller company who fails in its fundamental duty to protect personal data.

There is no real deterrent to prevent thieves from looking through garbage bins, there are no government regulations that expressly forbid it, and realistically the police are unable to stop it or track down the thieves. iShred’s Melbourne Document Destruction services ensure that potential thieves don’t get a chance to steal, with entirely onsite secure shredding, or off-site shredding, the data is stored in secured bins and safely transported.

The importance of protecting privacy is now more critical than ever for businesses and individuals, proper document disposal with a secure shredding service is the only sure fire way to ensure that personal data doesn’t fall into nefarious hands, protecting both staff, clients and your businesses reputation. Using iShred for all of your document destruction requirements is the smartest choice you can make. To contact us please click here

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