Secure Onsite Document Shredding

Got Stacks of Unwanted Paper Lying around your Home or Office?

It’s time for a thorough cleanup with our secure onsite document shredding with iShred.

There is nothing more bothersome than stacks of paper lying around that are no longer needed. It’s just sitting there collecting dust and mould. Why put up with it when you can have the convenience of onsite document shredding?

secure onsite document destruction

Secure Onsite Document Shredding

iShred offers a professional and high-quality service dedicated to shredding your documents and safely disposing your e-media.  You can give them just about any paper product, be it financial and legal documents, unwanted school books, old newspapers, magazines and promotional materials. You can also have them destroy and discard any e-media. They can even dispose of x rays you no longer need, and old redundant uniforms so they can’t be used for the wrong reason.


Flexibility and convenience

Needs defer from customer to customer. You may want a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual cleanup depending on the situation at home or in the office. No problem, iShred is here for you. Even if you don’t want to commit to a regular service, you can take advantage of their monthly community shredding days, taking your scraps with you as needed.

onsite document destruction melbourne


Safety comes first

With hackers more prevalent than ever, you need confidential details to remain private, whether it’s your own, your staff or your customers’. iShred does things by the book, with full CCTV monitoring of shredding, plus you will get a document destruction certificate when the task is complete.

They provide a secure service that ensures all your data, print or digital, will never be reconstructed. With the theft of private information becoming a recurring event, this will give you peace of mind. Your private information and that of your family, customers and colleagues will never get into the wrong hands or be seen by people who should not be privy to your confidential details.

Don’t put up with clutter when you can have more space to live and work. Make sure your private information stays private. Rely on professionals to get it done safely. Contact iShred to book a service with them today.

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For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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