Benefits of an EOFY Cleanout

Benefits of an EOFY Cleanout

It’s that time of year again! End of the financial Year (EOFY)!

EOFY is one of the busiest times of year for every business, big or small, and there are several tasks that need to be completed, one of these is an EOFY office cleanout.

An EOFY office cleanout can mean different things for different businesses—for some it may be just cleaning or tidying up around the office but for others it means sorting through and shredding documents.

iShred offers office and warehouse cleanout services to any business in need of it, whether they are relocating or just cleaning out for EOFY.

iShred offer to shred a variety of documents safely and securely for businesses, which include: bank statements, cancelled/voided cheque books, credit card bills/credit reports, financial records, documents with sensitive information, personnel records, pay slips, obsolete files, receipts and invoices, bulk mail, credit card offers, and tax records.

Shredding these documents and by doing so, having an EOFY office cleanout, can provide a variety of benefits for businesses. For example, shredding old or obsolete documents can motivate employees for the new financial year as the cleanout can “reset” the minds of employees—new year, new mindset.

As well as motivating and resetting the minds of employees, an EOFY office cleanout can also provide the opportunity for an office makeover as space has been cleared, which again can motivate employees but also enable efficiency and overall business growth. A cleanout further enables efficiency as businesses would only have documents they actually need in their offices and after an office cleanout will make it easier to find them.

One of the biggest benefits of both an EOFY office cleanout and iShred’s services is the protection of sensitive information of both customers and employees as shredding documents provides better protection from leaks than simply throwing them away.

Now you know the benefits that can come from an EOFY office cleanout and what iShred has to offer in assisting with it. Don’t delay, contact iShred and make an appointment to start de-cluttering.

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