Secure Document Bins – Safety from the Start

The corporate space is one which often commands confidentiality. In this era, businesses are often concerned with being hacked- they need secure document bins.

The security of hard copy documents needs to be a concern for your business. Every business handles sensitive information regularly. Whether it’s patient documents or business strategies and ideas, with secure document bins, you know these files are safe.

That’s where our secure document bins come in. We offer a service that is so easy and inexpensive, it will instantly create peace of mind in your company.  You’ll know that you are sticking to and observing privacy laws to the best of your ability when you take us on and invest in our secure document bins.

Secure Document Bins

These secure bins come in two sizes, 140 litre and 240 litre bins. Both sizes are suitable for any and all corporate spaces. They are big enough to store a significant amount of documents, but not so big that they obstruct or distract from your space.  Moreover, we offer pick up and destruction of the documents as part of our service, as part of bin changeover.

You can save time by letting this task fall into the hands of trusted professionals who do it every day, knowing that we comply with all of the Australian Standards and Regulations concerning document destruction.

We will provide you with full certification of destruction so that you and your employees can have complete faith in the fact that the contents of your secure document bins have been completely and properly disposed of. And, here’s the great part, you do not have to worry about disposing of these documents on your own, so you can focus on your work instead!

Those are just some of the many reasons why an investment with iShred in secure document bins is an investment in your company’s past, present and future.


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