Uniform Shredding Services – Not Just Paper

Yes, you read that correctly! iShred’s list of services includes Uniform Shredding Services for businesses of all types and sizes.
While many associate shredding services with documents, that’s only the beginning. Our industrial-grade machines aren’t like the shredders you’ve seen before. DVDs, key cards, entire manuals, badges, and even uniform shredding services are all part of a regular day’s work.

Declutter Your Workspace

Even neatly folded and carefully stored, unused uniforms can become a real space thief. Destroying these uniforms will declutter your workspace and make day-to-day operations smoother, allowing a productive workday.

Protect Your Brand

For customers, your uniform is your brand. Simply sending old uniforms to the tip is not a good look for any business and a security risk, especially if you’re a well-known, established company. Other disposal methods are not secure, meaning anyone can take your uniforms and reuse them.

Make Your Business Safer

Most importantly, securely destroying unused uniforms protects the community. Those in positions of authority, such as police, doctors, security guards, SES, paramedics, etc. are rightfully expected to ensure their uniforms are safeguarded and don’t fall into the wrong hands. The range of potential damage by a nefarious individual wearing one of these uniforms is immeasurable. Instead of stressing over storage security, this issue can be easily solved once and for all through secure uniform shredding services. You can rest easy knowing they’ll never get out into the public.

And this isn’t just for those in positions in power. Even old factory uniforms can be a security risk, tempting for imposters who might be seeking to steal or cause destruction. To guarantee your workers, business, and the community around you are all safe, professional uniform destruction is the only way to go.

Best of all, our professional uniform shredding service is completely mobile, so those unwanted uniforms will never leave your premises. Contact iShred for a consultation today and get those out-of-date uniforms out the way!

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