Document Destruction Near You

Though we live in a digital age, paper is no less relevant.

For many reasons paper documents are still important, and many organisations are still preferring to keep hard copies. Safe recording and maintaining accurate records can be crucial, especially if the documents in question contain confidential and valuable information about your business or customers.

And believe it or not these documents can still need more attention once they become useless or expired.

If discarded carelessly, sensitive information in just one document can ruin a whole business, or the life of many employees/ clients.

All too often catastrophic data breaches can be traced back to improper document destruction.

For this reason it’s important to look at the document destruction options near you.

Document Destruction Near You

Why is document destruction necessary?

Data or information is a powerful weapon in today’s world. And getting your hands on such information is no longer as difficult with digital technology.

All information, whether it is about a business, a person, or the government, can be susceptible to misuse. For companies and organisations, it can be critical to properly dispose of documents to prevent such consequences as fraud, unlawful transactions, and information leaks, or worse.

It is also vital for businesses to use safe and secure shredding services that comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Methods of proper document destruction

Conventional document destruction methods are often unsuitable for documents containing sensitive information. A shredder that cuts paper into strips or small pieces (which can then be disposed of or recycled) may be practical and accessible. But with this method there exists the possibility of someone rearranging shredded papers to a readable format.

A conventional paper shredder also sever limits the amount of documents you can destroy at once.

A professional document destruction service is advisable for businesses or organisations who deal with large quantities of documents or information.


A professional document disposal service can also prevent the leaking of confidential or sensitive data.


Document Destruction Near You


Document destruction near you

If you have a business near Southeast Melbourne or Mornington, don’t worry!

iShred is here!

iShred is a fully secure onsite document shredding service that’ll help your company dispose of their documents, while making sure we comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions.

iShred assures a cost-effective, safe method of document destruction, providing solutions to minimise the risk of sensitive information from leaking. Our company also ensures high-quality service for all stakeholders involved.


Why should you choose us?

● Onsite and offsite document destruction service
● We recycle 100% all of the paper we shred
● We monitor the activity of all shredding and document destruction via CCTV
● Onsite bins can be arranged for regular servicing
● We provide you with a document destruction certificate on the day


Other Services

We can also shred products and destroy uniforms, hard drives, and e-media.
We have many commercial customers and businesses who seek secure disposal of confidential records, uniforms, and also other redundant products.

But we’re not just for businesses!

Maybe your just moving houses?
When moving house or winding up estate operations, there are always a great many documents to dispose of.

Don’t worry; we’re here for you!


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If you are looking for a safe and secure document destruction service, call us or search online.

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