Document Shredding The Secure Way

Document Shredding The Secure Way

When it comes to privacy and information protection, whether it be for yourself and family, or your business, employees, and stakeholders, you can never be too careful.

The last thing anyone needs is for sensitive information to get into the hands of someone that could use it against them. And yet, it’s so easy to access because we write it down be it on paper or digitally. But how can you ensure that information remains safe, forever?

Secure disposal of private information

Document Shredding The Secure Way

Shred it all

The secure way to deal with this situation is through document shredding, disposal, and media destruction.

We’re not talking about simply running a piece of paper through a paper shredder but rather, complete document destruction where the information cannot be restored. Besides, have you tried putting a hard drive through a paper shredder? We don’t recommend it. So how do you protect digital information?


Secure your trash

You may think hitting delete is enough to eliminate a document, but it absolutely is not.

Did you know that even once you empty the trash can on your desktop, and you think all the documents are gone, the information is still able to be restored and accessed? Scary, right? The only way to make sure it’s gone for good is to get help from document destruction experts. Yes, it is a thing.

It’s what we do.


The Secure Way

So how can you be sure that everything is truly taken care of and that your documents, including digital media, are really gone forever?

Start by choosing a company that fully monitors the shredding activity by CCTV and provides you with a document destruction certificate.

It’s a great start, and you may have guessed that yes, we do both.


Secure Document Disposal Mornington

Document Shredding The Secure Way

Onsite for added security

We help your company ensure that you comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions and take care of destruction both off-site and on-site for your convenience. We can even leave on-site bins with you and arrange regular servicing.

No longer will you need to find a way to secure and protect documents due for destruction, instead, you can put them straight into the secured bins and let us take care of it.


Not just about business

And don’t forget this is not just a service to businesses. Your own home devices are in the same situation. Think about what information they contain that you may not want anyone else to access.

The only way to ensure your protection is with with full media destruction.


So contact us now.

Let’s talk about your document shredding and media destruction needs, and ensure the privacy and security of you and those around you.

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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