Shredding Services Melbourne

Out in the Suburbs? Don’t Worry! We’ll come to wherever you are! Shredding Services Melbourne

One of the best aspects of our mobile shredding service is our wide range. We service everywhere in Melbourne, and yes, that includes even the most distant suburbs as well as Mornington Peninsula!

While many companies claim to come to you wherever you are in Melbourne, they often don’t include the far outer suburbs. We understand the frustration at this – these places are essential parts of the greater Melbourne area and should not be neglected. That’s why iShred is dedicated to provide document and paper shredding services Melbourne and beyond.

All you have to do is choose what day you’d like us to come, then, after booking your appointment, organise what you want to be destroyed and then simply wait for us to turn up with our powerful onsite shredders.

Shredding Services Melbourne
Shredding Services Melbourne

We’ll complete 100% of the shredding on-site, so you don’t have to worry about any of your documents leaving your workspace unshredded. We will then take the shredded paper to be securely recycled to reduce waste and to reduce our carbon footprint. While we’re doing this, you and your employees can continue with your work, or we can have a consultation to ascertain whether your business is as secure and effective as it could be! Our privacy experts are here to help you in any way they can!

A service like ours has been a long time coming! For those businesses far away from the CBD or inner-city suburbs, we know how difficult things can be for you. Further and longer drives mean slower business and struggles with many aspects those closer to Melbourne city take for granted. That’s why we decided to base our business around helping you get organised and strengthen your privacy without having to cut away hours of your precious time driving.

With our mobile shredding service, long drives are no longer an excuse! With just a quick phone call you can increase the efficiency of your business’s privacy and security. Book an appointment for your document and paper shredding services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs today!

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