Storage Cartons for Secure Document Shredding

Storage Cartons for Secure Document Shredding

There is no question that handling your business or personal documents securely is critical – now you can make it easier with iShred’s Storage Cartons.

Keep your home or office organised with dedicated storage cartons.  By storing your recycling and any sensitive documents you no longer need, they can be effortlessly and securely destroyed when the time comes.

Suitable for smaller quantities of paper, these handy storage cartons can be left at your premises until your next shredding service.  Clearly identifiable archive cartons make is simple for everyone in your home or office to manage their paper waste without any confusion or chaos.

Document carton delivery is one of the most popular elements in a wide range of services provided by iShred.  With a handy size that makes it easy to store under a desk or in a cabinet or cupboard, you’ll be surprised at how clutter-free and peaceful your work environment becomes!

Archive Cartons

Here are some of the questions most commonly asked about our storage cartons.

What size is iShred’s document storage carton?

Our carton’s convenient size is perfect – large enough to cater for reams of documents and ideal for storing in less obtrusive places.  The dimensions are: 270mm (H) x 420mm (W) x 330mm (D).

Are the storage cartons strong?

The weight capacity of our storage cartons is 16kg, allowing for a large volume of documents.  The convenient carry handles mean that the heavy-duty box can be moved from one location to another while retaining its integrity.

Is it easy to assemble?

Absolutely!  Assembling an iShred’s storage carton is simple and doesn’t require any tape or glue.  Just fold according to the instructions and it is ready to go.

Are iShred’s storage cartons reusable?

When your documents are securely shredded, your storage cartons are emptied so that the box can be reused or recycled. 

Get organised the eco-friendly way with handy storage cartons and secure document shredding.  iShred’s mobile document shredding truck is not only convenient and time saving but is a great facility at a time when door-to-door services are highly sought after.

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