Are Your Documents Safe?

Are Your Documents Safe?

This should be a question that all business owners and managers ask themselves regularly, and, if the answer is “No” or “I don’t know”, then serious and immediate action needs to be taken.

The severity of laws and regulations regarding document destruction and customer privacy have strengthened, and thus, the requirement to comply has become stronger. Failure to do so will result in severe punishment. 

Complying doesn’t simply mean destroying your documents by putting them in the recycling, or locking them away in a safe. Even if you believe they are secure, and even if they are, there are specific regulations in place that need to be followed exactly to protect your business and every one it engages with. 

These regulations also differ by industry, with medical, legal and financial institutions having separate requirements for physical storage. Depending on the kind of information you are storing, the way it needs to be stored and handled can be completely different.  

Are Your Documents Safe?

Additionally, most security firms and experts advise that customers only do business with companies who can provide complete and secure chains of custody for document destruction as well as a clear and recorded document handling protocol. 

While ignoring these regulations may seem cheaper in the short-term, once you are caught, or if you suffer a privacy breach, the long-time financial impacts will be much more severe. 

This all sounds pretty stressful, right? There is certainly a lot to research and remember!

At iShred, offer a document destruction service that can help you ensure your business is fully compliant with the latest privacy regulations, as well as provide you with a complete chain of custody and certificate of destruction proving your compliance. We are a highly trusted and experienced company who are sticklers for privacy and security and who never overlook the small things. 

As we come to your business on-site, nothing will ever leave without being destroyed by one of our powerful industry-standard shredders. We will take all the hard-work and physical labour off your hands, while also working with you to find solutions to minimise potential information breeches so that you can move your business forward with confidence. 

So, if you answered anything but ‘yes’ to the question of “Are your documents safe?”, call us today so we can help get you on track to full compliance.

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