Why You Should Attend Community Shred Days

Attend Community Shred Days

There are plenty of reasons to attend community shredding days – to clear the paper clutter, make sure you’re personal details are secure, and to save time.

You also get the chance to meet people in your area when you attend community shredding days.  They can be a great networking opportunity.

The other reason is to support your community via community shredding days at your local school or organisation.

No doubt, that discounted shredder seemed like a good idea idea at the time. As you were considering whether or not to purchase it, you probably told yourself –  ‘I’ll stay on top of everything, shred as I go, that way I’ll only need to shred  2 pieces of paper at a time!’ (Since when did anyone, the world over, want to shred 2 pieces of paper at time?)

Fast forward several years, the stacks of paper have quadrupled, and the shredder is collecting dust in the garage. Hey you tried, right?

Community Shred Days

Well, no. The problem is, in this day and age, we simply can’t afford to be complacent about the disposal and storage of documents containing sensitive information. Bills, tax returns, superannuation forms, legal correspondence, medicare documents, work contracts, old bank statements, or any document confining personal information can, in the wrong hands, lead to personal and financial ruin.

Pretty gloomy stuff. Except the solution is neither outrageously expensive nor inconvenient. In fact, it’s pretty easy and surprisingly social – attend a community shredding event.

Community shredding days are an ideal way to dispose of sensitive documents safely and securely. In contrast to the garage- or office-bound shredder you bought on sale at the local Officeworks, the ones in use at community shredding events have industrial capabilities. You’ll also find professional shredding services have safeguards in place to ensure your personal documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. This may mean those documents are shredded as you watch, or stored securely, and shredded at a later time.

Attend Community Shred Days

Attending a community shredding day means you don’t need to waste your hard earned money buying a flimsy shredder that won’t do the job in the first place. With identity theft, and other fraudulent activity on the rise, the best protection is disposing of sensitive documents safely and securely by using a professional shredding service.

So, come together as a community, and let identity thieves know you’re onto them. Don’t store old paperwork in an unsecure location or dispose of it thoughtlessly.  Shred it and encourage other members of your community to do the same through community shredding days.

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