Did you know that Sunday, June 5 is World Environment Day? Believe it or not, you can take part in one easy step, and we can help!

Clean up your office with iShred’s shredding services and do your bit in making a difference this World Environment Day.

With the combination of World Environment Day and the end of financial year approaching, what better time is there to make the most of our services? At iShred, we provide you with a document shredding service that gives you the space you need without leaving a long-lasting impact on the outside world.


So how does it all work? Well, that really is the easy bit. We can come to you and collect all the unwanted paperwork. Then we either destroy it onsite or take it away and shred it offsite. The choice is really up to you. If time is an issue, we can leave one of our many onsite bins with you and let you fill it to your heart’s content. Once you’re ready, we’ll swoop in and shred the documents for you.

Don’t worry about any sensitive information falling into the wrong hands because we’ll help you eliminate that risk in one easy shredding step.

Recycling is key!

The bit we absolutely love the most is everything is recycled. That’s right, we don’t waste one scrap of paper. We do our bit for the environment (and so do you) by making sure all the shredded pieces are 100% recycled instead of becoming rubbish and taking up room where you don’t want or need it to. Recycled paper has so many uses. Besides being reused and saving a few trees along the way, it can potentially become compost and also be used in packing instead of other materials. We think that’s pretty neat (pun intended)!

Do your bit this World Environment Day and make the most of our shredding services right here at iShred. Get in touch with our team and we’ll help with the arrangements.

iShred - World Environment Day 2022