Bulk Document Shredding

Bulk Document Shredding

Today we’d like to tell you about iShred’s bulk document shredding service. If you produce a lot of papers or other shreddable materials, such as documents and files, folders, badges, ID cards and more, then our Bulk Document Shredding service might be best for you.

Instead of indiscriminately shredding documents as they come, bulk document shredding allows time for proper sorting and storing. Then, once you are sure that these documents or items are no longer needed, shredding everything in one go is a more cost-effective and productive method to keep your business organised.

We can bring huge, industrial-scale shredders that incorporate the latest technology to make short work of your load. These machines are easy to move and are surprisingly quiet given their size and scale. No matter how many documents you have amassed, these machines can chew through them (literally!).

Bulk Document Shredding

If you have a regular stream of consistent unneeded documents or other items, iShred can also set up a fixed appointment schedule to suit your needs and to keep your workplace constantly tidy and organised. This means that you can rest easy knowing your appointments are already made and can concentrate on more important things. If your document output is unusually large or small you can add more appointments or cancel appointments as you see fit.

Even though we come to your site, our service is still affordable and our pricing is competitive. At iShred, we strive to keep our prices down to encourage more businesses to take the step to ensure their workspace is clean, organised and effective and the important information contained on these documents is safe. Our team are sticklers for security and dream of a world where all businesses are engaging in such practices regularly.

So that’s the basic run-down of iShred’s Bulk Document Shredding service! If you would like to set up an appointment, call or email us today!

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