Business & Corporate Document Destruction Melbourne

Onsite Business & Corporate Document Destruction in Melbourne

Whether you have your own business or are working for others, there may be confidential documents you’ll need to ensure are disposed of correctly. You can all benefit from business & corporate document destruction in Melbourne from iShred.

Identity theft and fraud cost companies millions of dollars every year. With our onsite business and corporate document destruction Melbourne services, you can be sure you won’t be a victim. Your confidential documents will never get into the wrong hands.

Can’t I do myself?

Yes you can. But on a small shredder, it will take hours, perhaps days at a time to shred large volumes of documents. Business document destruction Melbourne will do the same job in minutes. Plus, you won’t have to dispose of it yourself and spend extra funds on bins and disposal services.

It’s convenient

This is a truly convenient service. We’ll come to your place of business to take care of all your document shredding needs. You have all the control. You can arrange for us to do this on a regular basis of your choosing – weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. We’ll even provide archive boxes and document storage until the next visit!

It’s secure

We are a fully secure on-site document shredding company in Melbourne. We’ll help your company comply with Privacy Act provisions. Going beyond what a small shredder can do, we shred your documents to levels where it will be impossible to reconstruct them. We know how to minimise risk of sensitive information being leaked into the wrong hands.

It’s environmentally friendly

You can reduce your carbon footprint. With the world focused on the environment and the impact we have on it, be assured that shredded paper will be recycled. It will be turned into egg cartons, cardboard boxes, toilet paper, printing paper – you name it, it will be made!

Corporate Document Destruction Melbourne

Have peace of mind. Don’t struggle with this tedious task on your own. Get in touch with iShred and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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