Medical and dental x-rays are often accumulated over the years and are bulky to store. But what happens when they are no longer needed? Can you shred x-rays?

If you’re a medical practitioner with a high volume of outdated x-rays, you need to dispose of them in a convenient yet secure manner. At iShred we often get asked, “Can you shred x-rays?”.

iShred - Can You Shred X-Rays

What is medical services records disposal?

We often get asked “can you shred x-rays?” and the answer is a simple “Yes! Absolutely.” Medical records, including x-rays contain sensitive information that can’t get into the wrong hands. Most importantly, X-ray film contain material that is somewhat toxic so they need to be destroyed with care. We will take care of all your disposal needs in a safe and correct manner.

Which professions and industries does this apply to?

Anyone in the medical profession who utilizes x-rays can take advantage of such a service. General practitioners, dental clinics, radiology clinics, chiropractors – if you have x-rays, we can dispose of them.

Laws relating to x-ray disposal

We are a fully secure onsite document shredding service in Melbourne. We will ensure your practice complies with the latest Privacy Act provisions. This is a cost-effective and secure method of x-ray destruction and we will provide you with solutions to minimize risk of sensitive information being leaked.

How we comply with the laws

We’re a high-quality on-site document destruction service, but off-site destruction is also available. We’re NAID certified and there is full monitoring of shredding activity. On site bins are left behind and you’ll be provided with a document destruction certificate. Also environmentally friendly, the entire process is taken care of from start to finish. 100 percent of x-rays and other documents are recycled to remove silver from the x-ray film.


If you’ve got a large collection of x-rays that needs a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of disposal, contact the team at iShred today.