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Being a local shredding service, iShred Document Destruction is ready and willing to bring shredding services to you. We offer Casey document shredding, along with services in surrounding areas.

Our aim is to make document destruction a simple and easy task. Who wants to haul their mass number of documents to a shredder or do it by hand? We will bring our services to your doorstep or office and take care of the hard work for you!

Whether you are a local home business, commercial company or an individual needing some documents destroyed, our Casey document shredding service will be there for you. We understand the importance of protecting your privacy, sensitive information and old data that needs to be removed.

So what are some important documents that should be regularly discarded and destroyed when they are not needed?


Whatever the bill may be – a simple electricity bill or credit card forms – these are extremely sensitive and need to be properly disposed of to protect bank details and personal information.

Employee documents

If you haven’t switched to digital information storage and still have physical data on your employees you should shred and destroy their information if they leave or have a change in personal details. Again, you don’t need someone taking their personal information!

Customer information

For a retail or commercial business, client, patient or customer information is also important to keep private. Billing information and shipping labels need to be disposed of carefully to avoid any issues.


Business Folios, Notes and Data

Sometimes handwritten or printed notes can start to stack up after a while. Even if they do not contain personal information, it is best to protect ideas, plans and marketing strategies from competitors. So make sure to shred them too!

Old Logos, Brochures and Uniforms

Anything with your company logo that is outdated should be destroyed to lower risk of business imitators and frauds.

Data Disks and Digital Storage Products

Yes, we can shred these too! Old computers, disks and usb sticks can be properly destroyed to protect even your old digital information.

With our state of the art equipment, all your documents will be safety handled, destroyed and properly disposed of. We believe in being as economical and environmentally-friendly as possible. Once we shred in compliance to the Privacy Act, iShred take the destroyed documents to an accredited paper recycler.

You can also watch on our CCTV system as your documents are shredded for added peace of mind!

For your Casey document shredding services, contact iShred Document Destruction today.

Casey Document Shredding

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