Casual Bin Collections for Your Home of Business

If you don’t have enough shredding to book a regular service, casual bin collections are probably best suited to your situation!

Identity theft and fraud costs Australian businesses millions of dollars every year. If your business’ confidential papers aren’t destroyed securely, you’re opening yourself to more risk. Casual bin collections are the solution.

There are so many benefits to using a shredding company that provides onsite bins as well as casual bin collections. It’s convenient, secure and practical.

Why use a professional document destruction service?

Sure, you could shred documents at your office. But small office shredders will take hours to process a small amount, and you won’t get them shredded to the point where they can’t be reconstructed. Additionally, you will have to discard the shredded paper, often into a recycling bin that you will have to pay for. With professionals taking care of this tedious task, you can have your documents picked up with casual bin collections. This is the ultimate in timesaving and convenience. It’s also very cost-effective, since you don’t have to invest in equipment yourself.

Casual Bin Collections
How secure is it?

Helping you to comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions, we provide fully secure onsite document shredding. We use a method of document destruction and provide solutions to minimize risk of sensitive information being leaked. Your documents will be taken to a secure facility that features state of the art CCTV and alarm systems. Documents will then be shredded to the highest possible security level.

What about the quality of service?

We have it all. On-site document destruction, offsite document destructions. We are NAID-approved and will ensure full monitoring of shredding activity.

Is this environmentally friendly?

100 percent of all paper shredded will be recycled. The pulp will be used to create toilet paper, printing paper, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and other paper products. In turn, this will effectively rule out any chance of documents being reconstructed for malicious reasons.

It’s clearly a better choice to get professionals to take care of all your document destruction needs. Contact iShred to organise your casual bin collections today!

Casual Bin Collections Melbourne

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