Community Paper Shredding

Do you have a collection of paper sitting around waiting to be disposed of? Check out a local iShred Community Paper Shredding day.

A community paper shredding day is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those pesky, unwanted documents that are cluttering up your home or office.

iShred’s community paper shredding days provide convenience and cost-effectiveness for people within communities, as well as secure document destruction that ensures the protection of personal information.

If you’ve been dreading the task of tackling archive boxes filled to the brim with old financial, personal, and medical records, look no further. You won’t have to spend hours – or days – feeding paper through a small domestic shredder. One quick trip to a Community Shred Day and it will be dealt with in no time.

Held on one Saturday in every month, iShred save you the need to even book a service or figure out how to make time during Monday to Friday business hours. Turn up, hand over your documents, and the rest is handled by our professional team.

With prices starting at only $10 per bag, the hours you’ll reclaim for more enjoyable or productive endeavours is worth every dollar!

Stand back and watch while iShred safely destroys your clutter. You can even destroy old e-media items and uniforms. Here are just a few examples of the items you can say farewell to:

  • Outdated Files and Documents
  • eMedia devices including CD’s, DVD’s and USB drives
  • Phones
  • Obsolete Advertising Material including Brochures and Flyers
  • Receipts and Invoices
  • Junk Mail
  • Old School Books
  • Tax Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Uniform Destruction
  • Redundant Product Destruction
Community Paper Shredding

People are often surprised at how much personal information is in seemingly innocent paperwork – even old school workbooks and addressed junk mail can contain enough concerning data.

At the end of your shredding service, you can relax knowing that your private information is safe and that your shredded material will be recycled.

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