Community SHRED at Orchard Grove Primary School – A Unique School Fundraising Idea

Are you looking for a unique school fundraising idea? Take a leaf out of Orchard Grove Primary School’s book. In collaboration with iShred, the school is holding a Community SHRED Event on Sunday 26th February, between 9am-1pm.

How does it work, you ask?  iShred brings the tools, you bring your obsolete sensitive documents… and together we shred them quickly into an unidentifiable and reusable form.  All of the shredded material is recycled into egg cartons and packaging – so no landfill!

And all it costs you is $10 for a small box/shopping bag (we do take larger quantities but will work out a price with you on the day).

Download the flyer here for more information about the event.

Old bank statements, legal documents, payslips, receipts, medical files… we have you covered.  If you want to keep your personal information secure, but don’t fancy the idea of spending ages sitting in front of a tiny shredder at home, take the time to come and see us.

You’ll be helping out Orchard Grove Primary School too!  iShred helps raise valuable funds with this practical and innovative school fundraising idea.

iShred doesn’t stop at paperwork though – if you have any unwanted VHS/cassette tapes, DVDs and CDs, we’ll have a bin onsite for that too. Again, all recycled – no landfill!

Every participant is issued with a Destruction Certificate, which is great for businesses that need to correctly destroy and dispose of sensitive information.

So whether you’re looking to deal with old filing and archive boxes that have been stored in the shed since your last house move, or your business that needs to ensure proper handling of data in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998, head down to Orchard Grove Primary School this Sunday 26th February between 9am – 1pm!

iShred proudly support schools, businesses, and families, helping raise funds and protect the identities of individuals and organizations throughout Australia. Contact iShred today on 1300 763 688 or via their website, and see how professional document destruction can increase your security.


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