Construction Document Destruction – Privacy for the Building Industry

The Building industry has a lot of unique aspects that make secure Construction Document Destruction a must!

We’ve looked at document safety across a number of different industries now – and construction document destruction is a big one.  As such a broad industry, it is worth looking at elements that require building businesses to raise the bar on data security.

Just take a look at the types of roles people adopt in the building industry.  Executive managers, administrators, finance and sales staff, construction and contract managers, builders, labourers and tradespeople.  There are many people who require access to sensitive information throughout the course of a project.  And because of this, secure construction document destruction is essential.

Building companies keep the following types of information on file (and accessible) during a construction project:
  • Names, addresses and contact information
  • Financial records, including bank details, credit, income and expense information
  • Building plans, including detailed construction and floor plans, for homes and business premises
  • Contracts and signatures
  • Addresses of construction sites
  • Details of materials and supplier orders, with delivery dates and information, as well as delivery addresses

Not only should we consider the nature of information when undertaking secure construction document destruction, but also the locations where this information is stored.

A lot of the information resides in secure offices and business premises.  However, it is also important to remember that some of this information may be found in building site sheds and other smaller, more portable locations.  Some files may even be found in contract supervisors’ cars as they travel from site to site!

It is true that much of today’s data is kept digitally, or online.  Perhaps there is a central database, cloud-based data services that can be accessed online by people from any location.  In this case it is important that building companies consider their construction document destruction requirements – for both e-Media and paper documents.

Given the often mobile and more broadly dispersed nature of the construction industry, it is vital that this industry closely consider their document privacy requirements and implement processes to ensure data security.

iShred provides just the right service for this kind of industry!  Secure data is perfectly handled with onsite document destruction, especially when there are sites dotted all over the place.

Along with onsite document destruction, iShred can tend to your e-Media destruction needs.  They can even provide secure bins for storing files that are ready for shredding!  And when the job is done, you receive a certificate, along with peace of mind knowing all of that destroyed material is recycled.

Contact iShred today and see how you can clean up your building business with construction document destruction.


Construction Document Destruction

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