Corporate Document Destruction for Large Offices

Big businesses need to streamline their workflow and improve productivity. A great way to do this is by Corporate Document Destruction for Large Offices.

A large office means a lot of staff. Risk can come from a large volume of staff handling documents. You can reduce that risk and increase productivity through corporate document destruction for large offices in Melbourne.

Clutter around the office can collect fast, especially in bigger workforces. Reduce hazards and potential mistakes that can result from documents being handled by many. Consequently, document destruction for large offices can help your company streamline workflow. Everyone can be productive and focus on the task at hand when they’re working in a neater environment.

Corporate Document Destruction for Large Offices

Not just limited to paper documents

Any paper documents can be destroyed – financial documents, contracts, promotional material, and the like. But offices aren’t just about towers of old paper lying around. Flash drives, portable drives, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs can all be safely disposed of. Additionally, old uniforms can and should be destroyed. You can choose the frequency at which you have this service performed, and whether it’s done on-site or off-site.

Privacy and safety are a priority

iShred is an i-Sigma member and a secure document shredding company in Melbourne. They will help your business comply with the latest Privacy Act Provisions. Also, they provide a cost-effective and secure method of document destruction, providing solutions to minimise risk of sensitive information being accessed by those who shouldn’t. You can be assured that it’s a high-quality service, and all shredding activity is fully monitored via CCTV. Lastly, you will be presented with a document destruction certificate on the day. Onsite bins can be arranged to be left behind too.

An environmentally friendly option

All paper that is shredded will be recycled into a multitude of other paper products. And you can have peace of mind knowing your e-media will not contribute to landfill and pollute the environment.

Streamline your workforce while preventing hazards and sensitive information being seen by the wrong people. Book a service with iShred today.

Corporate Document Destruction

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