Countdown to the Financial Year – Start Getting Ready!

The end of the financial year is starting to get close, and the perfect time to begin organising your office or workspace is now! The best method to combat that pileup of unneeded documents and materials is through the power of a document disposal box.

A document disposal box is guaranteed to bring organisation, efficiency and security to your office or workspace, plus is it cost-effective and easy to manage. It’s the ultimate solution to a cluttered space!

There are some of the top reasons to get a document disposal box today!

Frees Up Space

A document disposal box allows for unneeded documents to be stored safely inside the box until they are shredded. This means that these documents are out of the way and are kept in a secure, clearly-labeled box that will keep them separate from other documents. Storage space is a valuable asset in any workspace, and organisation is the key to success, so it is reasonable to say that a document disposal box is a must-have for any successful business!

Countdown to the Financial Year

Increases staff productivity

Sorting through and shredding old documents is a tiresome, long and arduous process. You shouldn’t have to waste your own or your staff’s time on such mundane tasks. Instead, with a document disposal box, you can simply place unneeded documents in the box, then call us anytime you like and we’ll come to you to dispose of the box’s contents either off-site or on-site. This way, you and your staff are fully concentrating on moving your business forward into the next financial year and not sweating the little stuff!

Countdown to the Financial Year

Ensures security

All businesses have documents containing sensitive information. Whether it be personal information, business secrets or something else, if these documents end up in the wrong hands, it could spell trouble for you and your business. That’s why we make our document disposal boxes safe and secure, as well as ensure that our shredding service is performed quickly and discreetly. This way, you can rest easy knowing you’re protecting your business from a data breach, allowing you to relax and devote your thinking to the future.

Countdown to the Financial Year


Our service is cost-effective. The document disposal box is made to be very well-priced without scrimping on its quality or security. The frequency of our shredding service is up to your discretion, so you can decide how often your want your documents shredded based on your own budget. Whether they be big or small, our service is designed to accommodate all kinds of businesses and lifestyles.

Countdown to the Financial Year

Don’t let the end of the financial year catch you by surprise! Meet it with a clean, organised and productive office or workspace by using our secure and cost-effective document disposal box and shredding service.

For all of your shredding needs, Contact us at ishred today and see how we can help you!