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Data Breach Protection is extremely important in this day and age of technology.

Information can be stolen, hacked or transferred very easily, with barely a click of a button.

Businesses – particularly those that work online and with sensitive data – are always at risk of having client and business information leaked, and this can cause some serious issues and lawsuits.

In recent light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set by the European Union and the Mandatory Data Breach compliance (MDB) in Australia, iShred document destruction would like to highlight the importance of data protection and destruction.

What Is the General Data Protection Regulation/Mandatory Data Breach Compliance?

In short, the GDPR is a regulation that will be put in place to better recognise data breaches and protect information. Some data breaches in the past have gone over-looked or unnoticed – some of these were large scandals and circulated across news outlets. This regulation will bring to light all data breaches and let affected clients and customers know.

By doing this, there will be larger fines for corporations that don’t report breaches and go against privacy protection laws.  How much larger are these fines? Roughly 20 million euros can be charged for a data breach – approximately $29,400,00 in Australian dollars. The GDPR can affect Australian businesses if they have ties in Europe or the UK.

The Mandatory Data Breach Compliance or MDB is a bill passed in Parliament this past February that requires businesses to notify The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and those affected if there has been a data breach. It’s similar to the GDPR and also affects companies globally, especially those that have ties with Australian businesses.

Failure to report any data breach (one that is eligible) is considered an ‘interference with the privacy of an individual’ under the Privacy Act as per the Mandatory Data Breach compliance bill.

Consistent Data Breach Protection

Making sure both digital and physical copies of information are safe or destroyed is the best way to ensure protection.

iShred can protect your privacy with our state-of-the-art shredding service, providing peace of mind and a prompt destruction on-site.

We can destroy many different documents, including:

·         Bills/receipts

·         Client personal data – emails, tax file numbers, payslips, addresses, phone numbers and other private information

·         Employee personal data

·         Credit/debit card information

·         Company-related documents pertaining to business strategies or designs

·         Usbs and discs

·         Hard drives

·         Uniforms

·         Out-of-date advertisements such as posters, brochures, business cards and stationary


By consistently shredding documents you no longer need, you are making sure the data of you and your clients or customers never fall into the wrong hands. Data Breach Protection is fast becoming one of the most important factors of a business – so keep up with your data protection with iShred!

For more information or for your onsite shredding needs, contact us today at iShred Document Destruction.

Data Breach Protection

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