Data Destruction Melbourne

Reliable Data Destruction Melbourne

iShred offers secure, reliable data destruction services throughout Melbourne.

Whether you are seeking the destruction of CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray, tapes, USB sticks, hard drives or server drives, iShred – Data Destruction Melbourne – provides a fully secure, cost-effective solution for your data destruction needs.

iShred - Data Destruction Melbourne

Ensure your company complies with the latest Privacy Act provisions with our on-site and off-site document and data destruction, by minimizing the risk of mishandling sensitive information with our high-quality services. If its document destruction you need, you can rest assured knowing that iShred completes full monitoring of all shredding activity, with 100% of shredded paper recycled. As well as document and data destruction, iShred can provide warehouse cleanouts by coming to your place of business.

iShred is a NAID member, which signifies we adhere to the highest of security measures and standards of ethics when it comes to the handling and destruction of your data. This standard is set for both paper and electronic data, applicable to more than 20 areas of security and operational requirements. In short, strict protocols are put in the place to ensure the security of data is never breached throughout the entire destruction process, including the correct and responsible disposal of sensitive waste.

At the end of this process, iShred can present you with a document destruction certificate as proof that your documents and data were destroyed in compliance with information industry regulations, showing that you have taken the proper steps to adhere to all privacy standards. Whether you are a household, small business, or company who needs to adhere to such stringent regulations, iShred can ensure the proper destruction of data is met by providing solutions to minimize the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, providing a high-quality service at every step of the way.

Whatever your needs, you can count on iShred for secure and reliable data destruction. Get in contact with our team for more information.

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