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Data protection for car dealers is more important than one might think.

Purchasing a vehicle is always a big step – a large sum of money is involved, necessary licences need to be kept on record, customer information is logged and data is spread between many different parties in order for a deal to be completed or repairs to be made.

The data that is regularly accessed includes:

  • Inventory of parts and transactional information for automakers
  • Customer data for Inventory management companies and third-party vendors
  • Bank and other sensitive customer details for transaction records of the dealership

These are highly delicate pieces of information that needs to be protected in such a retail environment. So how should data protection for car deals come into play in terms of document destruction and management?

High Security

Customers place a lot of trust into businesses that handle costly sales, so they don’t expect information such as credit applications, financial or personal information to be passed to anyone except the car dealership and those involved with the purchase/repair of their vehicle.

All parties involved in the process of car dealership should be regularly checking for data breaches. Car dealerships should be wary that because they need to work with many different parties, they should know who they are releasing information to and only necessary data be shared.

In a recent blog, there was news that data breaches amongst companies in Australia will have heftier fines attached to them, especially to companies who don’t report a breach in a sensible amount of time to the proper authorities. This Mandatory Data Breach compliance was put in place to better protection customers and clients and to enforce a safer exchange of data between buyer and seller.


Frequent Document Destruction

Destroying unnecessary or outdated customer records is the best way to ensure that the data will not travel outside of the dealership and its parties.

iShred Document Destruction offers on-site document destruction so your car dealership can have quick and accessible services to aid in regular data protection.

However, this is not limited to paperwork – iShred can destroy other data-carrying devices such as hard drives and usbs, which aids in digital data protection for car dealers also.



Car dealerships are an important part of today’s market, so it’s only fitting that the upmost care is taken when handling sensitive customer data. For on-site document shredding services for car dealers, contact iShred Document Destruction for more information or a booking.



Data Protection for Car Dealers

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