Decluttering for the New Year – A Fresh Start to 2019!

Has your business started to wind-down for Christmas? Well good news! You’re in the perfect position to start decluttering for the New Year!

Have you and your staff’s workload started to get less and less? While it may be quiet now, come 2019 your business will switch back into high gear. If your office isn’t organised and ready to go, problems will arise. Decluttering for the New Year is a great start to making the most of a fresh new year.

Here are a few helpful tips to help your decluttering for the New Year!

Firstly, start with your computers. If you have a build-up of unnecessary files and folders from previous years, have someone sort through what is needed on the computer for next year, what is needed but should be transferred to a USB, and what should be deleted. Thereby, you can keep records of any previous year’s details on tiny USBs which are easy to store and, nowadays, can hold a huge amount of files. Your computer will likewise become easier to navigate, faster and have more space on its hard-drive.

Decluttering for the New Year

Another important aspect of decluttering for the New Year is the shredding of documents. Don’t forget, it’s a dire transgression to not take care of your client’s personal information in a professional manner. In fact, it can even land your business in big legal trouble.

Have someone sort through your company’s physical documents and place them into three piles. One with documents immediately necessary for next year, one for those which should be stored elsewhere and one with those that need to be shredded. This will provide more physical space in the office and allow you to start fresh for the New Year, as well as ensure there are no documents with personal or important information that have been left forgotten about.

Along with these two important tips, you should also test and check all stationary, printing paper, cords and computer mice, as well as fix any structural issues with your office space, such as a broken lock or jammed draw.

By spending time on decluttering for the New Year now, you’ll find yourself in a better position to handle things next year with a fresh and detangled working space, making your office a more productive environment for you and your team.

At iShred, we provide the perfect service to help you get the New Year off to a great start.  Let us take care of the secure shredding of your obsolete business documents, e-media and uniforms.  At the end of the service, you’ll receive a certificate guaranteeing that your materials were shredded in compliance with the Privacy Act.

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