Destroy Your Documents with Secure Bins Melbourne

Secure document bins are a safe option for all your document destruction needs. Available anywhere in Melbourne, document destruction has never been easier.

Whether you are needing to destroy business or personal documents, document destruction bins can be organised to be left onsite around Melbourne. Discarding your documents securely and safely is an extremely important process that should not be overlooked.

Large wheelie bins are available in 140 litre and 240 litre capacity providing a great deal of space to fit all private documentation. Delivered directly onsite to an office or residence, all bins are fitted with a self-closing lock ensuring a fully secure place to dispose all sensitive documents with the utmost care and security. A key will also be provided in case access is necessary, so do not worry if you throw out the wrong documents!

Destroy Your Documents with Secure Bins Melbourne

Secured wheelie bins can be used as a once off or as a regular service. Once bins are full, iShred will pick them up and shred them onsite with our mobile shredding trucks. A service that takes the stress out of document destruction, there is no need to worry about wasting time destroying the documents. Complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions, iShred have all the essential machinery and tools to make the process 100% safe and secure. 

After documents are shredded, all papers are recycled, ensuring that it is an environmentally friendly service. We are NAID certified, a certificate will be provided upon completion giving you satisfactory of the process. Choosing a document destruction company that provides all these important steps will give you peace of mind that all your documents have been destroyed with care and sensitivity.

Whether you choose to hire a secure bin weekly, monthly, fortnightly or once off, iShred will provide optimum service all around Melbourne. Our fully monitored service will keep your mind at ease and ensure your documents do not get into the wrong hands. Sufficient, safe, cost effective and definitely worthwhile, leave all your document destruction needs to the professionals. Contact iShred  today to get all your document destruction needs done by the best in the business.