DIY Shredding Vs Professional Shredding Service?

DIY Shredding vs Professional Shredding Service? It’s a great question and one that iShred answer on a regular basis. Most companies that invest in their own shredding machine fail to spend the time to complete an analysis to see if DIY shredding is really the most cost effective and secure way to destroy customer and company information.

Let’s look at the cost to purchase a small paper shredder for your office. These might range from anywhere from $29 up to $129. Then, look at shredding a ream of paper of 500 sheets. Smaller paper shredders can only process up to 3 sheets of paper at a time. Let’s also say that it takes around 30 seconds per 3 sheets of paper to shred.

500 sheets @ 3 sheets of paper per shred = 166.66 times through the small paper shredder. At 30 seconds per shred, this equals to around 50 minutes. This doesn’t allow for the time to collect the next 3 sheets of paper and any additional time it takes to fix shredder problems such as paper jams. The wee little paper shredder is working constantly over this time, and may cause it stop working consistently.


Other costs to consider with DIY Shredding vs Professional Shredding, is the cost of the staff to shred the paper. Let’s say you pay your receptionist $25 per hour, plus on costs (Superannuation, WorkCover, Annual Leave) equalling $32.78 per hour. So, for one hours work to shred 500 sheets of paper, it has cost your business:

Paper Shredder: $129 + Labour: $32.78 = $161.78 (not accounting for electricity costs)

If one staff member spent one hour every week shredding 500 sheets of paper,

52 weeks x $32.78 an hour = $1,704.56 – just on labour alone!

Add the capital expenditure to purchase the paper shredder ($129) and let’s hope that it would for the whole year and never jam, plus more money on power and miscellaneous costs.



Did you know professional document destruction would cost your business less than $800.00 per year?


No capital expenditure required, no labour costs to your business.


Based on a monthly cycle, our 240lt secure bins have the capacity to hold 20 reams of paper. Staff simply put your clients & confidential information into the slot. No mess. No fuss.


Another major factor with engaging in a professional document destruction organisation you will not be opening your business up to security leaks. Asking employees to shred paperwork takes them away from the normal duties, and can negatively impact your company. Likewise, employees may see this as a waste of their time and might not put their full effort into the task, only partially destroying documents, or perhaps, throwing away more paperwork instead. As a result, security leaks can pop up from internal destruction practices, through employees mishandling documents, accidentally misplacing a file, or even taking files for their own personal gain.


This may sound extreme to a lot of people, but it has happened to businesses just like yours.


The question to ask yourself is “Can I afford to have a security breach in my business?”


If your answer is “NO WAY!”, then talk to us about your business requirements and securing your clients identity and private information.


iShred Secure Onsite Document Destruction – DIY Shredding vs Professional Shredding Service

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DIY Shredding vs Professional Shredding

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