Document Destroyers – No Job Too Big or Small

Enlisting the help of professional Document Destroyers can ensure your pesky clutter is dealt with quickly and securely.

Whether it be tiny business cards, bulky manuals, or even old uniforms, professional document destroyers are up for any task!

From home offices to huge firms, iShred proudly offers our shredding services to anyone in need of efficient, secure document destroyers.

For Small Businesses

Even if you’re a one-person operation based from home, documents can quickly pile up and become a nuisance. Homes are especially vulnerable to break-ins, making it vital to make sure your business is completely secure in the event of a breach.

Alongside thorough cyber-security measures, document destruction will meet your security responsibilities by getting rid of sensitive physical information, such as receipts, invoices, business plans, financial statements, client/customer details, and more, making your business safe from external threats.

While you can do this yourself, a high-quality shredder can be costly, and the time it takes to properly shred everything is a waste of valuable business hours. Even if it’s just a couple of bags, booking a regular professional shredding service is guaranteed to save you trouble down the line!

Document Destroyers

For Large Businesses 

Large businesses produce and accumulate a staggering amount of paperwork each year, clogging up valuable storage space and increasing the possibility of a security breach. Our industrial-grade shredders are capable of instantly destroying almost anything, making large-scale warehouse or office clean-outs a breeze! With a super-convenient service like ours, there’s no more excuses to keep putting it off!

We’ll Visit Your Location

To provide the ultimate guarantee of security and convenience, we will bring our shredders to your site. Nothing you need destroyed will leave without total obliteration, preventing it from being seen by prying eyes or used for nefarious ends.

The Superheroes of Shredding!

Striving to save businesses from security issues while increasing efficiency and organisation – that’s our life’s work! While it may be a bit of an exaggeration, we like to think of ourselves as the superheroes of security and organisation, and we’re sure our clients would agree.


So, if your workspace is in dire need of rescue, iShred is just an email or phone call away! 

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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