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Are you located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula? Keep on top of paper clutter with Document Shredding Mornington.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you’re likely you have old documents to be removed. Document shredding Mornington is available for businesses on the beach.

Businesses in and around Melbourne can easily access a professional document destruction service. Document shredding for Mornington-based businesses and organisations can benefit too.

Why get a professional shredding service?

Document shredding in Mornington is especially beneficial for the not-for-profit, retail, hospitality, health, and education sectors. All these industries have a need to keep the private information of millions of people, safe. Along with that, it’s vital to keep documents contained. Prevent clutter. Safely destroy and dispose of financial and legal documents, receipts, bank statements, old contracts – anything containing information that should be kept private. E-media like flash drives, portable drives, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs can be safely disposed of, as can X-rays and old uniforms.

Mornington Document Shredding

It is a flexible and convenient service

Every business has different needs. Depending on your needs, you can decide on a fortnightly, monthly, or half-yearly cleanout – onsite and offsite. You can even choose to have old documents and materials stored in secure bins.

Safety comes first

This is a cost-effective and secure method of document destruction. iShred is i-Sigma approved, so you will be ensuring your company complies with the latest Privacy Act provisions. All shredding activity is monitored via CCTV. You will be provided with a document destruction certificate on the day.

Help the environment too

Rest assured, all of the shredded material will be recycled into other paper-based products or items. And, by safely disposing of e-media and X-rays, you will be reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill, as well as making sure that no nasty chemicals leach into the environment.

Clear out the unnecessary clutter at your workplace, while keeping your business, clients, and employees safe from questionable third-party eyes. Contact iShred today to book a service.

Document Shredding Mornington

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