Document Shredding Services – Guaranteed Security

We understand the necessity of security of valuable information.

When in the wrong hands, legal or private documents can damage a business and lose a well-built reputation. That is why document shredding services are an important factor of the business world. They save time and energy, whilst providing a more active workplace.

Here at iShred we value the discreet and guaranteed document shredding services. Our representatives will gladly assess all your requirements and provide iShred document bins and a schedule.

Choosing to use document shredding services is not only time efficient but places your trust into capable professional hands. Our document shredding services allows your employees to relax and finally get away from tedious shredding by hand and saves valuable time your company needs.

Our document services are prompt and secure and available to watch with our CCTV equipment located in our iShred truck. So you can be sure of your documents being destroyed completely and correctly.

We can shred a variety of documents, including:

  • Statements
  • Cheque books
  • Bills or Reports
  • Financial Records
  • Documents including names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses
  • Pay Slips or Stubs
  • Misprints of outdated brochures, pamphlets, uniforms or stationary
  • Mail
  • Receipts or Invoices
  • Tax Records

If there are other documents you have a query about, make sure to contact us for more information. The items we cannot shred are plastics, garbage, wrappers, wax coated paper, drink cartons, polystyrene, non-paper fibres waste and carbon paper.

So what do we do with your documents once they are shredded? Well, we stand in line with our ‘Green’ policy as our shredded documents are recycled through reputable companies. No product will ever go to landfill at the risk of security breaches.

If you are in need of premium document shredding services, contact us today at iShred. We want to take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.





Document Shredding Services

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