Document Shredding Services – The Easy Way To Organise A Work Space

Document Shredding Services – The Easy Way To Organise A Work Space

More and more people are saving space, time and money by arranging on-site, professional Document Shredding Services.

Once you understand the benefits of Document Shredding Services from iShred, you will be surprised you or your business ever survived without them.

The most obvious perk is the sheer ease with which you can de-clutter a space. Even the best organisers won’t get a great result unless unwanted or irrelevant materials are disposed of. Document Shredding Services takes care of paperwork as well as a range of other items such as old uniforms, hard drives, magazines or unused promotional material. As long as it’s safe to shred, it can be destroyed, removed and recycled with minimal effort.

Workplace clutter

Another key reason individuals and businesses choose to use a professional service is the guaranteed security and confidentiality this provides. Current privacy laws stipulate that personal or confidential information must be protected even in the process of discarding it. This means that client records, files, financial details and any other information that is not public needs to be disposed of responsibly and securely. Not only can a professional shredding service provide this assurance, they also provide a certificate of compliance which means you meet your privacy obligations.

With the convenience of on-site shredding and removal of waste, the process is simple and extremely effective. iShred arranges to have specialist bins left on-site so that as you carry out your day to day functions, with an easy way to store unwanted material for disposal. Once you’re ready to have it dealt with, it’s a simple as a phone call. It has the added bonus of being an environmentally sound solution as the paper material is recycled.

Discover the secret to creating a workplace that is professional, highly organised and industry compliant. Contact us at iShred to discuss how Document Shredding Services can benefit your business.

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