Employee Record Destruction – Keeping Personnel Information Safe from Identity Theft

Employment agencies and Human Resources businesses have some of the most sensitive information possible on file and stored on computers.  For the protection of their business and staff, it is critical that there are secure employee record destruction strategies in place.

When Australians apply for jobs and fill out personal detail forms, they trust that companies are fully compliant with privacy laws, respecting the sensitive nature of the information collected.  So employee record destruction should be at the top of the list for any Human Resource Business.

The sort of private and confidential information on file can range from personal contact details to highly sensitive financial data.  This includes:

  • Addresses and phone numbers of employees, family, and referees
  • Personal history – including education and previous employers
  • Tax file numbers
  • Bank details
  • Ambulance, health insurance, and Medicare details
  • Copies of drivers’ licenses, heavy machinery licenses and Working With Children cards
  • Payslips and superannuation
  • Medical history
  • Qualification certificates
  • Police checks
  • Signatures

Even a fraction of this information, if it falls into the hands of identity thieves, is enough for a person’s life to be turned upside down!

If you work in the recruitment or Human Resource industries, now is the perfect time to get a handle on your record-keeping practices and make sure that any inactive or out-dated files are dealt with securely.

For a security check-up, and to ensure that your employee record destruction needs are met, iShred Document Destruction are the experts to call.  As leaders in secure document destruction, iShred covers everything from paper records to e-Media, providing organisations with a certificate of destruction upon completion.

Don’t delay any longer! Call iShred Document Destruction today to book an online shredding service that will keep your valued employees safe from identity theft.

Employee Record Destruction

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