EOFY Clean Up

EOFY Clean Up

Another Financial Year has ended, and with it came the usual frantic efforts by companies to get organised with an EOFY Clean Up and start fresh for the new year. 

As a document disposal company, this is usually our busiest time of year, and, with more businesses realising the importance of professional document destruction for the annual EOFY Clean Up than ever before, 2019 was no exception! 

We’d like to share a particular job with you that was completed just before the end of this Financial Year. We believe this job demonstrates the quality of our work and will give you a snapshot into how we operate!

First, some backstory! If you live in Melbourne, you are probably aware that this year’s winter has been one of the most intense and unforgiving yet. It seems that the mild winters Melbourne was once renowned for are slowly disappearing with each passing year. 

The day of this job happened to fall upon one of the coldest days of 2019, and, to make matters worse, it was also very wet. With reports of snow down to 500 metres, this was not a day for venturing outside. 

EOFY Clean Up

However, when it comes to document disposal, the work doesn’t stop just for a little cold weather. When we get a job, rain or shine, we need to concentrate on security. As we provide on-site services, our tough crew braved the weather and set about preparing to head out. 

Due to the size and power of our shredding machines, we often set them up outside. This is sometimes inconvenient, as heavy rain during thunderstorms can pose a risk to both our machines and our workers. So far the rain had mostly kept to a light drizzle, but there were also ominous clouds threatening some serious downpour. Despite this, we still felt it best for our clients that these loud and disruptive machines not enter the office. 

After arriving, we were met with a company frantactly trying to sort through everything before the looming deadline. We got into it straight away and began sorting through the piles of unneeded documents that were due to be shredded. 

It was a massive load of 108 cartons – a pretty intense job even by our standards. We worked fast as distant thunder kept us on our toes. 

It was good that our clients had decided to do such a thorough EOFY Clean Up. It would ensure that, not only would their company be organised and ready to start off the next financial year, but that their client’s and employee’s personal information was fully protected. We were highly impressed by their resolve and foresight.

EOFY Clean Up

Just as the 108th carton’s contents was shredded, the inevitable finally happened and the heavens opened. The timing couldn’t have been better, as we could now pack everything away and finally go back to our warm and dry office! We had finished the job in record time too!

We were very proud of our work that day – both in terms of quality and speed! Our clients certainly appreciated it, saying that they will definitely be requesting our services in the future! Even though a new Financial Year has began, it’s never too late to start getting organised, and the best way to start is through our 100% secure document destruction service tailored for your business. Regardless of the weather, we’ll be there!

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