EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips You Will Love

EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips

The dreaded time of year for some, especially if paperwork makes you cringe. Make it easier this year with EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips.

Although EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll be surprised at how effective this is. Learn how to create an organised home office with more time to do the stuff you really like.

Tax time rolls around quicker than we expect and despite our best intentions to improve our filing habits most people inevitably end up with piles of receipts, statements and other paperwork that requires attention. It makes perfect sense to use this time of year to arrange professional paper shredding. Get organised and create order from the chaos with our EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips.   

Set time aside to get the job done. Put some music on, listen to a podcast or order your favourite takeaway. There’s no reason why the process itself has to be a chore. Have sticky notes, pen, paper and clips on hand to sort paperwork into relevant piles including a bin destined for the shredder. If there are items missing make a note of what’s needed so you remember to follow up.

EOFY Residential Shredding Tax Time Tips

Plan ahead and take advantage of professional shredding services. Specialist bins can be delivered to your home so that unwanted paperwork can go directly in the bin as you work. Once you have finished the task just request collection. Alternatively, you can drop unwanted material to a depot. Professional shredding services destroys paperwork securely and safely, protecting any confidential or personal information contained in the documents.

It’s not yet time to relax. Once you have decided what you don’t need, you need to deal with what you keep. A filing cabinet with separate, labelled folders will make your life so much easier. Take a bit of time to file paperwork correctly. Items that can be scanned and stored online should be, and then the documents put in the shredding bin. Set up a desk top system for short term storage of in-goings and out-goings but make it a habit to regularly file or destroy items that have been dealt with.

You will be surprised at how a little organisation, commitment and a shredding service can make the task so much simpler. By following EOFY Shredding Tax Time Tips you will get the job done quickly and will be one step ahead for the next financial year.

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