Financial Documents Destruction Services

It’s a great time of year to clean out financial documents, receipts, and bank statements. Hire professional documents destruction services to do it for you.

iShred’s documents destruction services will shred and discard almost any paper document, especially ideal for financial documents. Now is as good a time as any to clear out your office or home clutter the safe way.

Financial Documents Destruction Services Melbourne

What do documents destruction services discard?

You can keep your office and home tidy getting the professionals to help you. Get rid of financial documents, bank statements, bills, old contracts, promotional materials, newspapers, magazines, old schoolbooks – just about any paper document. iShred can also properly dispose of unwanted portable hard drives, flash drives, DVDS, CDs. They’ll even dispose of x-rays and old uniforms.

It’s all about staying safe

Getting rid of documents that should be kept private is always a good thing. iShred specialises in fully secure document shredding in Melbourne and surrounds. By using professionals teams like this one, your own company will be complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions. All shredding activity is monitored via CCTV. iShred Document Destruction is an i-Sigma member so you know they will destroy your documents to a level that they can never be reconstructed.

Today’s world is full of identity theft and other underhanded activities, but you can have peace of mind here. There will be no risk of your information being seen by third parties. A high-quality service is undertaken for each and every customer. You will even be provided with a document destruction certificate on the day.

Financial Documents Destruction Services

Flexibility is key

iShred is flexible and convenient and you have a choice of how frequently you would like the service. There is both onsite and offsite document destruction, and you can choose to leave your collection bins behind.

Great for the environment

All paper that is shredded will be recycled into a multitude of other paper products. Plus, e-media and x-rays will be safely disposed of, meaning no chemicals will enter the environment.


Tidy up your office and home by hiring the professionals to get rid of all your clutter. You will have peace of mind knowing that your information is kept confidential. Call iShred to book a service today.

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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