Fire Risk Management with Secure Document Destruction

Having piles of paper lying around can be dangerous for any business or home. A professional shredding company can boost your Fire Risk Management plan.

Just have a look at these boxes and piles of obsolete paperwork! This is definitely a hazard, and when addressing the issue of fire risk management, paper like this needs to be handled carefully.

There are many elements when it comes to good fire risk management. You need to get rid of highly flammable things you don’t need. And , of course, you must also safely store the items that you do still need to keep.

Excess paper that clutters vital spaces – especially storage areas, offices, and walkways – should be examined regularly, then culled or filed.

Fire Risk Management Plan

The task can seem daunting, though. When you have loads of paper that is destined for disposal, the thought of spending hours (or even days) feeding that paper through a small shredder can be daunting.

Why not leave that part of the job to the experts? iShred provides a mobile document and product shredding service that is an i-Sigma member, operating in compliance with the Privacy Act. Commercial grade shredders destroy paperwork, uniforms, e-media, and other material within minutes, before heading off to be recycled wherever possible.

Safety is key…

Don’t let archive boxes become a huge risk management issue, spilling over into work areas and potentially blocking vital access and egress points. They are also great fodder for a fire to take hold and spread quickly – we all know that fire LOVES paper!

iShred can also help your business with risk management assessments. Fire risk and general paper housekeeping are big parts of the process of protecting your company against risk. However, there are also other reasons to create a secure paper and product management plan.

From assessing and designing systems to handle sensitive data, to the eventual disposal of that material, check out the IShred Risk Assessment Brochure. We’ve also got some great info about iShred Risk Management – APP Information to get you on the right track with your data risk management requirements.

Get ahead of the fire risk management and general risk handling game today. Contact iShred for more information.

Fire Risk Management

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