Most of us know about onsite document shredding services for paper, but many don’t realise that you can use a shredding company for product destruction services too.

Shredding trucks will shred just about anything, not just paper. Binders, books and old technology like compact discs, DVDs and CD-ROMs can all be disposed of. Product destruction services are a cost-effective and secure method of disposing of your sensitive information.

When you have paper and non-paper products destroyed, you need to make sure that the service you use is NAID certified. NAID stands for the National Associate for Information Destruction and is a consumer protection organisation that makes sure that information and providers of product destruction services are qualified. Make sure that the shredding company that you choose is NAID certified and offers a document destruction certificate.

Product Destruction Services
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Identity theft is an ever-increasing problem, so it makes sense to do whatever you can to make sure your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Have a look around: old hard drives, VHS or Beta videos, computers, monitors, mobile phones, copiers, reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes – all of these items may contain your precious information or that of your customers.

Hard Drive Destruction

If you’re running a business, compliance with the Privacy Act is imperative. Mishandling the personal information of your customers, can cause a financial or reputational loss to your customers, a loss of trust in your business and considerable harm to your reputation. Remember that it is not just paper that contains precious and sensitive information, it is the old microfiche files in the storeroom, the transparencies from business presentations and the old box of floppy discs on that top shelf in the mailroom. Get a trustworthy product destruction service to protect your customers and your brand.

Think beyond the paper and destroy all products that contain the unwanted private information of yourself or your customers wherever it is hiding. Contact iShred to discuss your product destruction needs today.