Home Office Shredding

Let us take the boredom out of Home Office Shredding.

So you’re ready to tackle the home office shredding task you dread the most: sorting out and shredding your paper can be tiring.

So many years avoiding the task. So. Much. Paper. After many hours, you finally have your filing cabinet immaculately set up with just the important papers you need to keep and a veritable avalanche of unwanted paper that needs home office shredding.

This is the problem: you can’t just shove your old tax returns, receipts, invoices and bills into the recycling bin because of the risk of identity theft. And if you have a shredder at home, you know it will overheat and/or jam if you put more than a few pages in at a time. It is either going to take weeks to hand shred all your unwanted documents or you’re going to have to resort to sneaking tiny bits into your work shredding bin ‘Great Escape’ style – not very professional and very embarrassing if caught.

Home Office Shredding

There is a better way. You can use iShred to bulk shred your home office items onsite or have them taken away. Onsite you can watch your documents being shredded before your eyes so you know they are being safely destroyed. Or you can choose the offsite option and receive a document destruction certificate. Either way, you have the peace of mind that you have protected your identity and saved yourself masses of time and effort. Home office shredding services are the most practical and simple solution for unwanted documents that contain sensitive information.

Thousands of Australians are the victims of identity theft every year and it can be hard – if not impossible –  to undo the damage. Home Office shredding is safe, efficient, secure and will save you so much time. Call iShred and get shredding today.

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