Home Shredding Services

Paper trail getting you down? Need to get rid of private and confidential information with home shredding services?

No need to panic – there are many home shredding services here in Melbourne that can shred your documents for you.
What are some reasons why you might use home shredding services for your paperwork?
  • Personal privacy – shredding private documents containing sensitive personal information is one step you can take to prevent identity theft.
  • Business privacy – Businesses are also legally obliged to destroy employee records after a set amount of time to protect privacy. Records of business transactions, sales figures, and meeting notes should also be kept private, which is why secure destruction of these documents is necessary.
  • Keeping your space neat and tidy – Keeping old paperwork around when it’s no longer needed builds up clutter, making your space claustrophobic and less than optimally organised. Large piles of paper can also become a fire hazard.
  • It makes recycling easier – Shredding documents makes it easy for the paper to be bagged up and collected for recycling.

Home shredding services are the best way to destroy any sensitive documents and can be done either at your location or ours. The fact that these services can be conducted by professionals in the comfort of your home, makes it an easy and convenient solution to piles of paper that might contain personal information, or old records that are no longer valid.

Home Shredding Services
What kind of documents might you need to shred?
  • Financial records
  • Documents containing account information eg. Bank statements
  • Junk Mail
  • School and child-related mail
  • Receipts and invoices
  • Business notes and records
  • Employee information
  • Tax records
  • Cancelled or voided cheque books

One of the biggest problems with using a personal paper shredder at home is that privacy is still not guaranteed, since the shredded papers will be put into your personal recycling bin, being accessible to the public.

Also, not all home shredders use the process of industrial cross-shredding, which is a much more thorough method than simply slicing the papers into strips (the strips can still be put back together by unscrupulous identity thieves).

That’s where professional home shredding services come in. Having your private documents destroyed by industrial shredders ensures your private information is kept secure.

After the task is completed, many home shredding services will issue a Certificate of Destruction which legally certifies that your documents have been securely and confidentially destroyed.

Get the ball rolling and secure your personal records with iShred.  Contact us to find out more.


Home Shredding Service

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